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Masking (Painter's) Tape

1" x 60 Yards White Masking Tape for General Purpose, Natural Rubber

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  • Each roll is 1 inch wide and 60 yards length. Masking tape is made of heavy duty 5 mil easy-to-tear paper. Clean to pill off paper tape with strong adhesive
  • General purpose masking tape for any home improvements or art projects. Commonly used for painting, art projects, bundling items and any other projects
  • Natural rubber adhesive makes the tape easy to stick, strong, and yet easy to remove without leaving a trace paper tape
  • Masking tape roll has more adhesive strength and is used on metal, concrete, and other “hard to tape to” surfaces
  • For best results might be used with any dispenser for 1 inch masking tapes. IDL Packaging recommends using manual TH-120 Hand Masking Dispenser for both masking tape and masking paper

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Tape Type Masking Tape
Tape Length 60 yards
Tape Thickness 5 mils
Tape Width 1 inch
Core Size 3 inches
Roll Diameter 4.6 inches
Color White
Grade General purpose
Material Type Paper
Adhesive Material Natural rubber adhesive
Applications Surface protection; Fixing; Packing
Model Number 3x-44574, 6x-44574, 12x-44574

Concord brand was found in 1976 and uses high quality Dow chemical pressure-sensitive, water-based acrylic adhesive with high tack, adhesion, and holding power. 1” x 60 yard roll of masking tape for painting, light packaging and sealing as well as other uses. Get crisp, clean lines when painting with our beige masking tape. Used as a general purpose tape, it is excellent for light packaging, sealing and other uses.

Strong adhesive on makes sure tape securely stays in place yet can be removed cleanly without any residue. Can be used for painting or as a general purpose roll to handle various light jobs around the home and office. One masking roll is good but a pack of 3 or 6 or 12 is even better.  Buy the masking tape pack to save money and make sure you have plenty on hand when you need it.

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