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Contractor Rosin Paper

36" x 166' Red Rosin Heavy Duty 99# Constructor Painters Paper Roll

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  • $36.00

  • Heavy duty paper with excellent moisture resistance provides protection during painting, flooring and roofing and other messy projects
  • 36" width and 166' of length will protect 498 sq. ft of area
  • 99# heavyweight paper provides great tear resistance
  • RED ROSIN PAPER acts as a separation barrier, protecting against wind and dust infiltration
  • 100% recyclable

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Roll Length 166'
Roll Width 36"

IDL Packaging Red Rosin paper is heavy duty with 99# basic weight of paper makes it a great floor and wall protector. 99# basic weight insures durability as well as a wear and tear resistance. 36" width and 166' length of the roll allows you to cover and protect a total of 480 sq. ft with high grade paper. 

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