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Mule Tape

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Strap Width: 3/4"

Color: White

Length: 250'

Strap Width: 3/4"

Color: Green

Length: 250'

The birth of Mule Tape

In the beginning, different kinds of ropes were used to facilitate cable installation. But the problem with natural fiber ropes is that they are rough, heavy, have high friction, absorb and retain moisture, and rot. There was a need to invent something lightweight, strong, durable, with a smooth slippery surface and ideally of a flat form for dispersing heat and load evenly. That is how mule tape, also called pull tape or cable pulling tape, was born. It is usually made of polyester because it has the lowest fiber stretch. When it is pulled under high tension with fiber optic cables, electrical mule tape does not snap back or break. This strap facilitates and speeds up an operator’s work and also ensures safety at a construction site.

Our pull strap is compatible with all varieties of cables - general use cables, fiber optics, network, underground conduit, and more. You can use it for easy cabling at home or for large underground plants. One important thing to look at when choosing a proper strap type is paying attention to its break strength and working load limit.


Minimum Break Strength (MBS) applies to a rope or other products, indicating the force it can withstand in laboratory conditions when this product is completely new. Working Load Limit (WLL) or Safe Working Load (SWL) is the continuous allowable capacity of a product to handle a particular force. It is the maximum force that you can apply and it should not be exceeded for safety reasons. The correlation between Minimum Break Strength and Working Load Limit for pulling tapes is 4 to 1. So applying a pulling force of 450 lbs you have to use a cable with a minimum breaking strength of 1800 lbs or more. In other words, to calculate the Safe Working Load for a certain rope you have to divide its Minimum Break Strength by 4. For example, to find the WLL of a 3/4" x 250' White Heavy Duty Pull Tape, divide its Minimum Break strength of 2400 lbs by 4 for a Working Load Limit of 600 Lbs.

Qualities and benefits of pull tape

Network installers know that when a rope under high tension elongates and either breaks or bounces back it can cause emergencies, so-called snap-back. Our low-stretch polyester strap is perfect to use for any project because it reduces snap-back, distributing heat across its wide, flat profile. There are some other advantages as well:

  • The surface of our mule tape rope is pre-lubricated, which helps to reduce friction and heat generated by the cable rubbing against the conduit wall.
  • It eliminates a burn-through due to its flat shape that disperses heat across a wider area compared to a round rope that accumulates all heat and energy on the small area.
  • Premium, 100% woven polyester mule line has a high tensile strength that is much stronger than other alternatives.
  • It is lightweight, so can be easily blown into the duct, and easily thrown as far as you need.
  • Poly fibers don't fray or get ruined easily which makes this tough material perfect for industrial projects.
  • This polyester flat rope also resists moisture, UV, and chemical impact without damaging surfaces or marrying them as other materials do.

Polyester is one of the most popular ropes and cord materials on the market. It is designed to withstand high-stress, high-pressure environments like construction sites and factories. Its favorable properties make this product a strapping material, a cargo tie-down, a line for handyman purposes or pulling out a stuck vehicle, a general usage strap around the house. With its cheap price and durability, our mule line is a product which you will want to buy again.

Wide range of uses

Being primarily used in cable installations, polyester pull tape is gaining popularity in other areas. Due to its high-strength, low-stretch, and low-friction qualities, our pull strap can be used for securing your cargo with up to 600 lbs WLL. With the resistance to UV, moisture, and chemical elements this is the “go-to” strap for everything around the household or workshop. It is easy to tie, untie, and retie. With a slippery surface, it is easy to clean and maneuver. Being lightweight, you can just put it in your backpack for camping or hiking and forget about it unless in need. Effortlessly loop it onto a tree and drag them or bend them down. One more great advantage is that this rope does not rub against your hands as a classic rope does. It rarely gets tangled and can be reused multiple times.

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