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Clear Packing Tapes

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Tape Type: Sealing tape

Tape Length: 110 yards

Tape Thickness: 1.6mil - 3.1mil

Tape Type: Sealing tape

Tape Length: 55 yards

Tape Thickness: 1.6mil, 1.8 mil, 2.0mil, 2.6mil, 3.1mil

Tape Type: Sealing tape

Tape Length: 110 yards

Tape Thickness: 1.6mil, 1.8 mil, 2.0mil, 2.6mil, 3.1mil

Tape Type: Sealing tape

Tape Length: 110 yards

Tape Thickness: 1.6mil, 1.8 mil, 2.0mil, 2.6mil, 3.1mil

The clear packing tape is a kind of adhesive tape with high material strength and an adhesive coating on one side. It is an extremely elastic strip designed to seal cartons, wrap bundling, and secure individual packaging elements.

The first sealing tape was produced in the 30s of the 20th century. An interesting fact is that at that time the adhesive was applied to the tape only along the edge for economical consumption. Today, a clue is applied on the whole surface for better performance.

Advanced production technologies are used to create different types of clear packing tapes. We offer favorable cheap clear packing tape made of high-quality polypropylene to serve you in a variety of applications.

Our high-quality product perfectly adapts to any irregularities. Due to its elasticity, the sealing tape provides a tight, strong seal even in the most difficult conditions. Possesses excellent properties such as:

  • adheres instantly
  • suitable for use with all materials
  • resistant to water (waterproof) and UV radiation
  • can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • withstands temperatures from 0 to 150 Fahrenheit
  • made of safe and non-toxic materials
  • has a low density, therefore it is transparent
  • highly resistant to cuts and mechanical damage
  • flexible, extensibile, elastic.

Sealing Tape Applications

The clear shipping tape rolls service a wide variety of human activities (in e-commerce, at work, and at home).

  1. Helps to preserve the integrity of the objects and things placed inside the boxes.
  2. Allows you to bundle various items and goods quickly, easily, and conveniently.
  3. If you want to send some kind of cargo over long distances, it is worth completely isolating the corner surfaces and sash lines.
  4. The water-based acrylic layer adheres perfectly to any type of carton. A great option for sealing, reinforcing, and preparing different weights and sizes packages for shipping, moving, or storage.
  5. Transparent top layer provides easy product identification.
  6. Perfectly copes with different industrial or household tasks.

It surely helps you to handle the packaging process quickly and efficiently. Must-have at home, in the office, in a warehouse, and everywhere else.

Benefits of IDL Packaging sealing tapes

In the world of online commerce, the cost of packaging determines the cost of delivering goods to the client. This, in turn, determines the timing of the company's commercial goals achieving.

Our cheap but strong and reliable clear tape allows you to buy the required amount of material for a reasonable price. The price paid for this packaging product depends on the type and composition of the adhesive layer. The adhesive layer can be acrylic (artificial) or rubber (natural). The most requested benefits of sealing tape with acrylic (artificial) adhesive:

  1. It is a more economical option for packaging goods in areas with no aggressive environment.
  2. This type of packaging does not dry out over time and is capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  3. Rubber glue, unlike its acrylic analog, has a significant level of stickiness, which is required in areas with unfavorable climates (high humidity, temperature drops).
  4. It does not absorb moisture and harmful gas formation, therefore it is suitable for use in extreme conditions.
  5. Exposure to severe frost and heat does not compromise its high-quality performance.
  6. If you packed cartons at room temperature to then transport them in the cold, you can be sure that the tape with acrylic glue will stay sealed.

Rubber glue is a lot more expensive than acrylic glue. We recommend using it where acrylic is not coped. For example in refrigeration units, such as ice cream carts.

We offer packing tapes 55 or 110 yards long, with a thickness of 1.6 to 3.1 mil. All these products are presented on and at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store.

The task of each manufacturer or seller is to guarantee the safety of the goods delivered to clients. Transportation conditions may vary as heavy rains, snow, or the scorching sun can negatively affect the integrity of the packages and content inside. After a wide range of packaging products, all our packing materials have become great helpers in preserving your goods.

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