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Tape Dispensers

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Tape Type: Sealing Tape, Masking Tape, Duct Tape

Maximum Tape Thickness: up to 3.1 mil

Maximum Tape Width: 2 inches

Tape Type: Sealing Tape, Masking Tape, Duct Tape

Maximum Tape Thickness: up to 3.1 mil

Maximum Tape Width: 2 inches

Tape Type: Gummed Tape, Gum Tape, Kraft Tape, Reinforced Tape

Maximum Tape Width: up to 3 inches

Maximum Tape Length: up to 1000 feet

Packing without tape is hard to imagine in the modern world. Devices that allow cutting required amounts of tape with one easy movement, without uneven pieces and wasted nerves, make packing even easier today.

A packing tape dispenser is a device for controlled unwinding of an adhesive tape roll. Designed to simplify the handling of tape and to help spend it sparingly.

Dispenser tapes come in handy for large volumes of packing work. Using this device will not crucially increase the packaging cost but will significantly increase productivity and speed up the process. Traditional hand dispensers are often very similar in design.

They are indispensable for many people, for example:

  • Employees in the warehouses. For those who deal with product packaging every day and use packing tape daily.
  • People who work in online stores. They have to constantly pack something. Whether it is a large or a small bag, everything must be done beautifully and, most importantly, with high quality, so as not to damage the goods during transportation.
  • Creative people. In particular, those who engage in crafts, work in the DIY sector, or sell their products.

Using the dispenser can dramatically improve the quality of the packaging. This professional equipment helps achieve a desirable result and is low cost.

There are several types of the most common packing tape dispensers for adhesive tape rolls on the market. Starting from the most basic products with a limited set of functions to much more advanced mechanisms such as automatic tape machines.

Packing Tape Gun

With gun-type dispensers, you can cover a huge box with an adhesive tape in one smooth move. If you are using 2 mil wide packing tapes, we recommend choosing the T-291 ot T-235 models, with a comfortable grip and a robust design. The embossed handle does not allow the hand to get tired. Metal frame increases durability and extends service life.

All our packing tape dispensers are equipped with safe blades to make cutting easier.. They also have a rubber roller to prevent the roll from shifting and the plate to fix the tape after separation.

High-quality professional tape guns have a reliable design that does not require complex maintenance.

Gummed Tape Dispenser

The manual gummed tape dispenser from IDL Packaging is compact-sized and can be installed even in a small warehouse, shop, or office.

It can be used to moisten and cut the adhesive tape quickly and easily. It is the ideal device for increasing the efficiency of the packaging process and making the work of the warehouse staff easier.

The main advantages of this type of equipment:

  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • Easy to use
  • Provides optimal and uniform tape wetting
  • Requires no electricity

Gummed tape is a convenient and sustainable packaging material. It adheres firmly to any surface, does not pollute the environment, looks stylish, and is suitable for packaging large volumes. However, to activate the adhesive properties, sufficient moisture is required.

We offer different types of dispensers belonging to sealing any kind of packaging size and shape. Manual options make the packing process more accurate as they are easy to hold and control. It will perfectly cope with packing of various cardboard boxes, which are often used for shipping or moving goods.

These professional shipping tape dispensers are relatively small but provide effective, reliable bonding wherever you need it. These devices can be used in many industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemical industries, and many more.

If you're moving and don't want to waste time packing or unpacking, a tape dispenser is the best tool for quick work. This device allows you to pack all your home stuff easily and safely.

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