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Tape Dispensers

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Tape Type: Gummed Tape, Gum Tape, Kraft Tape, Reinforced Tape

Tape Length: up to 1000'

Sheet Width: up to 3"

Tape Type: Sealing, Masking, Duct Tape

Strap Width: 2"

Model Number: T235

Tape Type: Sealing, Masking, Duct Tape

Tape Thickness: Up to 3.1 mil

Tape Length: Up to 100 yards

Packing tape dispensers are designed to apply tape to the desired surface and cut the tape to a specific length. 

  • Manual options are regular and heavy duty tape guns, that make the process of packaging more efficient as they are easy to hold and control.
  • Packing tape dispensers are made of plastic and steel parts and feature a retractable blade for safety and an adjustable brake for tension control.

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