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Water-Activated Kraft Tapes

Tape Type: Gummed Tape, Gum Tape, Kraft Tape, Water-Activated Tape

Tape Length: 450 feet

Tape Width: 2.75 inches (51 mm)

Tape Type: Gummed Tape, Gum Tape, Kraft Tape, Reinforced Tape

Maximum Tape Width: up to 2.75 inches

Maximum Tape Length: up to 450 feet

Tape Type: Gummed Tape, Gum Tape, Kraft Tape, Reinforced Tape

Maximum Tape Width: up to 3 inches

Maximum Tape Length: up to 1000 feet

Water-Activated Kraft Tape

Kraft water-activated tape is a classic product for the safe closing of cardboard boxes, which serves as a protective seal for packing goods. Also known as gum (gummed), kraft or reinforced tape. This packing tape features a water-activated adhesive that stays sealed after activation, even under pressure and external influences. Once applied to the carton, it unites with the packaging, making an extremely strong seal.

The brown paper tape is tamper-evident, which means that after application, the box cannot be opened without damaging the tape and the carton, protecting your parcel from theft and damage.

This strip makes it possible to pack even the fullest boxes due to its ability to withstand a heavy load, while also sealing packages, protecting their contents from the weather.

Indispensable for e-commerce usage

The rise of e-commerce is making the use of kraft water-activated paper tape increasingly common, taking advantage of its many benefits. Indeed, one of its main attributes is a guarantee of the inviolability of the contents, avoiding the risk of theft and manipulation of the package’s contents. Impossible to remove without causing damage, proof of forgery is one of its main characteristics, saving on insurance costs. Additionally, the gummed strip is capable of withstanding the impact of extreme conditions such as weight, temperature, resistance to aging, and humidity.

Also, kraft water-activated paper tape can be used as a print base for safety instructions, QR codes, logos, slogans, or promotional messages. It comes in handy when preparing and identifying a large number of orders.

This gummed strip is fully biodegradable and meets the environmental requirements that are increasingly demanded by consumers. For all of these reasons, e-commerce finds added value in the use of water-activated kraft tapes.

Main advantages

Each commercial company appreciates the advantages and benefits that kraft water-activated tape possesses. The strip is easily unwound from a roll, does not twist or break unnecessarily, and also resists splitting and tearing, even after several years of storage. The main advantages are:

  • environmentally friendly—all components are completely natural, they do not harm nature and can be recycled
  • high adhesion resistance—when glued, it adheres to the packaging fibers and provides a strong bond
  • neat appearance—the packaging looks tidy and attractive to the client

Also, water-activated kraft paper tape is abrasion and UV resistant and can withstand harsh weather and transport conditions.

Cheap and modern sealing solution

We offer a complete set, including a water-activated kraft tape roll and handheld or electric dispenser. Dispensers are great for packaging large volumes of goods and are reliable.

A machine dispenser helps minimize the risk of repetitive work injury by providing a ready-to-stick, pre-cut strip.

We offer modern, affordable, and harmless solutions at great prices. All products you can buy on and at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store.

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