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Strapping Tools

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Strap Type: Regular Duty / High Tensile Steel Strapping

Strap Width: 1/2" (13 mm), 5/8" (16 mm), 3/4" (19 mm)

Strap Thickness: up to 0.025"

Strap Type: Polyester (PET)

Strap Width: Up to 3/4" (19 mm)

Strap Thickness: Up to 0.050"

Strap Type: Composite / Woven cord strapping

Strap Width: Up to 3/4" (19 mm)

Strap Thickness: All cord strapping

Seal Type: Works with ST-340 Seal

Strap Type: Polypropylene (PP)

Strap Width: 1/2" (13 mm)

Strap Type: Composite / Woven cord strapping & Lashing

Strap Width: Up to 1 5/8" (42 mm)

Weight: 7 lbs.

Strap Type: Lashing

Strap Width: Up to 2" (50 mm)

Strap Thickness: All lashing

Strap Type: Composite / Woven cord strapping

Strap Width: Up to 3/4" (19 mm)

Strap Thickness: All cord strapping

Strap Type: Composite / Woven cord strapping & Lashing

Strap Width: Up to 1 5/8" (42 mm)

Weight: 7 lbs.

Strap Type: Steel

Strap Width: Up to 1 1/4"

Strap Thickness: Up to .044"

Strap Type: Stainless Steel

Strap Width: 1/2" to 3/4"

Model Number: S-262

Seal Type: All types of seals

Strap Type: Steel

Strap Width: 1/2" (13 mm) or 3/4" (19 mm)

Power supply : 110/220/230/240V 50/60HZ, 1PH / 0.3 kw

Strap Type: Machine Grade Polypropylene

Strap Width: 3/8" (5 mm) to 5/8" (16 mm)

Strap Type: Polypropylene

Strap Width: Up to 1 1/4"

Model Number: TEK-25

Strap Type: Polypropylene

Length: 200', 400', 600', 800', 1000'

Strap Size: 1/2"

Strap Type: Cord

Length: 3900'

Strap Size: 1/2"

Efficient transportation and storage of goods is the key aspect of the productive work of any commercial company. The securing of a load with bands allows for strengthening of the packaging itself, which increases the safety of goods inside during transportation and storage.

Strapping tools, including tensioner, sealer, and cutter, are essential packaging equipment used to strapping pallets or other packages with cord, polyester, polypropylene, or steel bands. Well-chosen packaging equipment determines a company's success – both in terms of client satisfaction and profits in trading.

Packaging strapping is widely used in the textile, pharmaceutical, retail, and food industries, as well as courier transport services and logistics companies. It provides firm fastening of the group of goods together for more rational placement in warehouses, construction sites, etc.

Types of strapping tools

On our website, the following types of strapping (banding) tools are presented accordingly to the type of packing material they work with:

  • Steel (Metal) Strapping Tools
  • Cord Strapping Tools
  • Polyester (PET) Strapping Tools
  • Polypropylene (PP) Strapping Tools

Furthermore, depending on the functionality and purposes, there are combination 3-in-1 tools, battery-powered and semi-automatic strapping machines, manual tensioners, sealers (crimpers), and cutters.

Manual tensioners and manual sealers are the most affordable and durable gear, which work great as stand-alone equipment and ideal backup equipment for a pallet strapping machine. Fasten the load on a pallet, tie together the set of furniture or several boxes with goods, carefully pull off a pack of newspapers, and securely pack the parcel. The entire process can be done quickly and efficiently using manual strapping tools.

Manual metal strapping tools are more powerful than plastic strapping tools as they apply strong tightening force to sturdy steel bands. Steel banding is used widely for fastening bulky heavy loads since it is less susceptible to deformation and is more resistant to various temperature conditions.

Combination 3-in-1 Tools, such as the Teknika MUL-20, MUL-351 or MUL-341, apply the tightening, sealing, and cutting force to steel, polyester, or polypropylene bands. These tools eliminate the need to use a separate tensioner, sealer, and cutter. Ideal for applications where speed and ease of use are important.

Strapping machine is a table top poly-strapping equipment used to bind the goods quickly and with minimal effort. It is suitable for packing small and medium-sized goods, as well as banding small-sized timber, plastic pipes, etc. For example, our IDL Packaging Semi-Automatic Table Top Strapping Machine for Polypropylene banding provides fast, efficient, and secure banding goods for shipping, moving, or storing. It is equipped with two DC Motors Direct Driving Systems, which works quietly and quickly. This box strapping machine has an easy load dispenser and requires minimal operator training.

High quality and cost-effective solutions

Our products are suitable for both industrial-scale and small to medium banding needs. We offer high quality and cost-effective packaging solutions. The cost of the packing project depends on the correct selection of equipment for banding works. If you are looking for a versatile, durable, and cheap option, then the manual banding equipment is best fit for you.

On our website, you can buy the most suitable equipment for your packaging needs. The same range of products and prices is also presented at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store, along with pre-selected complete strapping kits with different types of bands.

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