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Biodegradable Inflatable Air Pillows Airwave

AirWave1 Starter Pack with Airwave-BIO Film


  • The perfect option for the environmentally aware and friendly packer.
  • Works with the only CO2 neutral (ClimaFilm), biodegradable (AirWave – Bio), and compostable (PaperWave – Bio) air cushion films on the market. Comes with Airwave-BIO Filler 4”x 8” wide.
  • Compostable film made of 40% Potato starch. 100% Biodegradable and free of plasticizer.
  • Fast production of 24-27 ft/min of air cushions.
  • Ideal for operations requiring maximum of up to 200 packs per day.
  • Operator friendly featuring 4 programmable settings, lock functions, adjustable air volume, and sealing temperature.
  • Made in Germany and includes replacement and repair parts.

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Weight 50 lbs.
Film Type ClimaFilm, AirWave – Bio, PaperWave – Bio
Core size 2"
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