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Polyester Strapping Kits Standard

Strapping Tool Set for Polyester (PET) Strapping - Tensioner and Sealer for Plastic Polyester Banding

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  • Poly Tensioner and Sealer/Crimper for strapping with 1/2",  5/8" polyester (PET) strapping of any manufacturer
  • P-330 tensioner is a standard tool that grips, tension and cut the polyester (PET) strapping. Works well with both embossed and smooth plastic strapping
  • C-5004, C-5005 sealers (crimper) is offset sealers with 17" long handles, has all parts heat treated to insure durability and strong joint efficiency working with 1/2", 5/8" open serrated seals for PET strapping of any manufacturer 
  • Polyester (PET) strapping (or banding) typically comes in green color, black color also available on the market
  • Use of SERRATED seals is highly recommended with PET strapping. Serrated seals have a thicker metal and will get necessary joint efficiency to insure that your cargo arrives safe and damage free 

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Strap Type Polyester (PET)
Strap Size 1/2", 5/8"
Model Number P-330, C-5004, P-330, C-5005

Strapping tool set kit (tensioner and sealer) for 1/2",  5/8"polyester (PET) strapping. IDL Packaging is a brain child of several senior packaging executives who saw multiple issues with current packaging supplies shopping experience and wanted to create something better to pull the industry into the 21st century.

Looking to buy a strapping tools and not sure if "this" sealer and "that" tensioner can work together? We've got you covered! IDL Packaging strapping tool set kits are combined from best compatible tools for applications with specific strapping sizes and types.

Set of strapping tools you need to strap your cargo include: P-330 Tensioner to tension your 1/2",  5/8" PET strapping and C-5004, C-5005 Sealers is to close/crimp your 1/2",  5/8" open seals for PET strapping.

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