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Plastic Inflatable Air Pillows

Airmove2 Void S Shipping Air Bags Packing Kit - Maker Machine and 4 rolls

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  • $1,499.00

  • The kit includes: Airmove2 Machine and 4 roll of Void S film (8"x1150')
  • Storopack Airmove2 Machine makes 30 feet of air pillow per minute, compact, lightweight and easy to operate air cushion machine
  • Storopack Void S film roll 8" width and 1150' length allows to inflate hustle free, tear off, strong cushioning air pillows 2"L x 7"W x 2"H size each

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Weight 15.65 lbs. (7.1 kg)
Dimensions 8" x 1150'
Film Type Void S
Power Consumption 76 W to 97 W
Speed Max 30 feet/min (10 m/min)
Voltage 95 - 250 VAC: 50/50Hz

IDL Packaging presents Storopack Airmove2 Void S Kit that includes: Airmove2 Air Machine and 4 rolls of Void S film. Airwave2 Air Machine is an industrial machine with 30 feet per minute speed, ready to use and easy to set up air pillow machine. Button operated with digital screen machine has presets for Void S, Bubble M and Cushion M film.

Just choose the right film from the setting option. Void S film roll 8" width and 1150' length allows to inflate 6.5" x 4" x 1.5" pillows. There is a perforation in between each pillows that makes it easy to use the right number of pillows for each individual size box. 

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