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Portable Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping

1/2" x 200' Polypropylene (PP) Strapping Roll in Self-Dispensed Box

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  • $21.00

  • 1/2" width and 200' length of polypropylene (PP) strapping in self dispensed box
  • 300lbs and 600lbs break strength of the strap
  • Strapping is embossed and comes in black color
  • Hand grade PP strapping sealable with seals, heat fusion, or friction welds

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Strap Width 1/2"
Color Black
Length 200'
Break Strength 300 lbs, 600lbs

IDL Packaging 1/2" x 200' mini polypropylene (PP) strapping comes in self-dispensed box and two variations of break strength: 300 lbs and 600 lbs. Mini PP (poly) strapping is light and portable and ideal for remote or occasional strapping jobs. Strapping itself is the same strapping that comes in big rolls 9000' (300 lbs break strength) or 7200' (600 lbs break strength), rewound for ease of use.

Black color poly strapping has embossed surface that increases joint efficiency when 1/2" open seals for PP used to seal two end of the strapping. Polypropylene banding is softer that Polyester and can be used with plastic or metal wire buckles.

However, we always recommend to use metal seals if the tension is greater than 50lbs. IDL packaging also offers mini coils for steel, polyester and cord strapping for any remote or occasional jobs.

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