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Stainless Steel Banding

Strap Type: Stainless Steel

Strap Width: 1/2"

Strap Thickness: .030"

Strap Type: Stainless Steel

Strap Width: 3/4"

Strap Thickness: .020"

Strap Type: Stainless Steel

Strap Width: 3/4"

Strap Thickness: .030"

What Is Stainless Steel Banding?

Stainless steel is now spread in nearly every aspect of modern life. But what exactly is a stainless steel band? Simply saying, it is a very strong strap that secures heavy objects bounding them together. This category of banding provides high sturdiness and minimal stretch. This metal is of a very high breakpoint, thus it is perfect for holding massive, rigid, and sharp items. It is also valuable for its resistance to corrosion. You can safely and securely transport your loads in the rainy, snowy, and sunny weather.

The world’s highest standards of quality for steelmaking are in the United States. We are proud to admit that our products are made and packed in the USA. We offer the world’s top quality strapping for extreme outdoor conditions.

What is the Difference between Banding Types?

Stainless steel banding strap comes in a variety of lengths, widths, and thicknesses. But the most important thing is which type - 201 or 304 to choose. Understanding the difference between them is essential for getting the results you need.

201 Type

This type of metal was developed in North America when the nickel prices were very high. Instead of nickel, this material has a higher percentage of manganese in its nature. As a result, it makes 201 one of the sturdiest sorts of stainless steel bands, though a little extra-susceptible to erosion than its relatives. Type 201 is commonly used by contractors to hang street signs, install traffic lights, mount transformers to utility poles, lay cables, protect pipes and hoses. Also, it is perfect for securing sharp heavyweight materials. It is hugely used in the Oil and Gas Industry.

As you can see, the 201 Type is affordable and strong, so it is considered an industry standard for many kinds of businesses.

Type 304

This type is the most prevailing grade of metal in the world. The material contains more nickel and it is considered to be more resistant to corrosion than Type 201. Banding stainless steel type 201 is favored by the business sectors where salt, moisture, and other metal threats are the issue.

In particular, it is hugely used for:

  • attaching signs to metal poles in places with unfavorable weather;
  • fastening insulation or heat tracer cables to pipes;
  • fastening advertising materials to posts;
  • strapping tanks;
  • securing utility boxes;
  • fixing bins to lampposts;
  • securing electrical installations;

Each kind of strapping is better suited for each particular situation.

Is Stainless Steel Banding Right for Your Business?

Among all the versatile options on the market stainless banding strap is a top-grade choice. Here is why:

  • Resistance to particularly high and low temperatures. The nickel-alloyed grade nature makes it also non-flammable.
  • Resistance to corrosion, moisture, salt, even UV rays, which can deteriorate other strapping materials.
  • Easy to manipulate. You can bend, cut, and shape it in the way you want with proper accessories.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Has the maximum break strength. Band stainless steel can handle extreme weight and pressure before breaking.
  • Environmentally sustainable. Recycle, re-melt it, re-use it.
  • Not cheap, but money-saving. It has a long lifespan without deteriorating or rusting, so you do not have to repair and replace this band frequently.

Nowadays there exist many types of strapping, such as polyester, cord, polypropylene, even paper. They are good enough for securing lightweight loads, but they will not perform well for heavy-duty materials or outdoor use. The harsh weather conditions need the strength of high-quality certified stainless steel to secure items risk-free. Our US-made, US-packed, and US-certified products are a top pick that will serve you for many many years.

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