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Stretch Pallet Wrap

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Film Length: 1500 feet

Film Width: 15 inches

Film Type: Hand stretch film

Film Length: 1500 feet

Film Thickness : 63 gauge

Film Width: 16 inches

Film Length: 1000 feet

Film Thickness : 115 gauge

Film Width: 18 inches

Film Length: 1500 feet

Film Thickness : 80 gauge

Film Width: 18 inches

Film Length: 1500 feet

Film Thickness : 80 gauge

Film Width: 18 inches

Film Length: 1000 feet

Film Thickness : 80 gauge

Film Width: 20 inches

Core size: 2" and 3"

Film Type: Hand grade stretch

Model Number: W-410

Film Width: Adjustable for up to 18"

Film Type: Hand grade stretch

Core size: up to 3" core

Packaging that works wonders

Pallet or ‘stretch wrap’ is a highly elastic film that is usually used for wrapping loads on a wooden platform for shipping. It is made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and has high elongation and puncture resistance. Such cellophane can be stretched to about 100 – 300% when in use. Once it is elongated around a product, the material tightly covers the load and eliminates shifting. The elastic material secures the items even for long-distance transportation. Two-sided cling allows the stretch wrapping to easily stick to itself. Whether bundling a lot of tiny items or holding large loads together on a pallet, this type of packaging is proven to be effective.

By the way, stretch wrapping film can be recycled and is classified as Type 4 in the recycling programs, so you can collect it and reduce your company’s waste.

Nowadays this type of packaging has become an irreplaceable option at any warehouse due to its advantageous properties.

IDL Packaging selection

There is a wide range of hand stretch films and mini rolls at our store. Here we want to present you our selection of pallet film irreplaceable for shippers:

  • The film with extended core handles. Ensures easy grip, doesn’t hurt your hands during the application, can be used without gloves.
  • Black Stretch Film - ideal for concealing the products and shielding them from UV and sunlight, especially when kept outside.
  • 115 Gauge type - heavy duty pallet wrap, extra puncture-resistant.
  • Portable Hand Dispensers. Facilitate and speed up the packing process. They are applicable in warehouses with medium to high load capacity.

Buy these and many other products at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store. Find the best combination of sizes, prices, and quality: relatively cheap products with high reliability.


If you are packing a bunch of products, your products could be exposed to any contamination, or you are sending them on a platform, you definitely need a stretch pallet wrap. Why?

  • It protects your goods from dust, moisture, and contaminants.
  • Minimizes loss and pilferage
  • It unites your products eliminating their shifting
  • Clear material allows for easy barcode scanning
  • Easy identification of the products inside
  • Low-cost packaging, does not require extra tools or huge manpower

The black stretch packing wrap protects products from UV, sunlight, and fading, as well as shields the items from the curious glances. It is favored by many shippers for transporting electronic items.

How does it differ from shrink film?

Sometimes you may hear stretch wrap being called “shrink wrap” and vice versa. In fact,there is a huge difference between these two types of packing. To apply shrink plastic, you need to put it loosely on your product and then use a heat sealer or gun to heat it to 300F to properly seal the product.

As for the stretch wrap, it is a roll of highly stretchable cellophane that you can apply on anything without any external tools. It is also easy to remove. In e-commerce and logistics, this material is used as secondary packaging for bundling several items or a stack of boxes together.

The correct application

If protective packaging is not applied correctly, shifting or even product loss can happen during transportation. However, the quantity of film layers and the gauge of the stretch you apply depends on the type of load you are handling.

The technique of packing may differ slightly for different purposes. Here we provide precise instructions on the laborious task of applying stretch wrap to a pallet with boxes. Individual steps can be applied according to your needs:

  1. Once you have your boxes stacked on a wooden platform, take a stretch wrapping roll, unwind 1-meter of it and tie this tail around one corner of the wooden pallet base.
  2. Roll it several times around the base, go especially thoroughly around the corners. The stability of the whole structure will depend on the lower layering.
  3. Work your way up, overlapping layer by layer. From time to time press pallet stretch film for the layers to stick together.
  4. Once you’ve reached the top, wrap the load around the corners several times, rotate the roll at 360º, and cut your film.
  5. Tuck the end between any layers of your load. Press your hands against the wrapping all around the load once again to ensure all the layers are bound together.

Must-have for warehouses

In our times of growing e-commerce, businesses want their loads to be wrapped securely and at the lowest possible cost to eliminate unnecessary expenses. The best way to achieve this goal is to cover your pallets in plastic wrapping.

From the food industry to massive heavy-load warehouses, the pallet wrapping plastic finds its use. Whether for manufacturing, shipping, or storage, this packaging has become an optimal cost-effective protective solution. Due to its moisture and puncture-resistant properties, and ease of use, the pallet wrap is widely used to protect furniture during renovation, as an irreplaceable item for movers, and as a general protective layering around the house.

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