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Roll Length: 60 yards

Roll Width: 12"

Weight: 3 lbs

Core size: 1"

Paper Type: Kraft

Roll Length: 180'

Roll Width: 18"

Weight: 3 lbs; 6 lbs; 12 lbs

Sheet Length: 18"

Sheet Width: 24"

Roll Length: 60 yards

Roll Width: 18"

Roll Length: 60 yards

Roll Width: 18"

Core size: 1"

Paper Type: Kraft

Roll Length: 180'

Weight: 6 lbs; 12 lbs; 24 lbs

Sheet Length: 36"

Sheet Width: 24"

Roll Length: 166'

Roll Width: 36"

Roll Length: 60 yards

Roll Width: 9"

Weight: 15.65 lbs. (7.1 kg)

Dimensions: 8" x 1150'

Film Type: Void S

Weight: 13 lbs.

Dimensions: 17" x 13" x 9"

Film Type: ClimaFilm, BioWave , PaperWave

Weight: 18 lbs.

Dimensions: 17“ x 13” x 9”

Film Type: PaperWave7.1, 8"x4", 980'

Weight: 18 lbs.

Dimensions: 17“ x 13” x 9”

Film Type: ClimaFilm7.1, 8" x 4", 2300 ft.

Weight: 18 lbs.

Dimensions: 17“ x 13” x 9”

Film Type: BioWave7.1, 8" x 4", 1640'

Kraft paper is a very durable grade of paper with high resistance to mechanical damage. It is made from 100% unbleached cellulose fibers - a recycled and biodegradable material. The kraft process includes methods of alkaline delignification of wood to make the structure of the plant cell more flexible and less rigid. It is cost-effective and versatile material does not allow grease to pass through and protects well from moisture. Due to these properties, it is used in many industries, such as medicine, food, and packing.

It is widely used due to the following advantageous properties:

  • high strength and resistance to puncture and tear
  • inert towards the packaged goods: does not leave any smell or marks
  • passes oxygen and prevent moisture condensation
  • does not stick to the product
  • environmentally-friendly (period of complete decomposition in the soil - 1-2 years)

We have a large selection of kraft paper to buy (masking, butcher, freezer, newsprint, and innovative HexcelWrap cushioning wrapping).

Versatile and multifunctional paper packaging

There are many uses for paper packaging: protective covering for the safety of goods, decorative packing for gifts or presentations, food wrapping during cooking or for long-term frozen storage, etc.

For the safety of goods during transportation, the most popular options are the brown kraft rolls or innovative HexcelWrap cushioning wrapping. HexcelWrap is ideal for packing fragile items (i.e., plates, mugs, vases) into cardboard boxes with efficiency and reliability. It is initially smooth in the roll, expanding as it is pulled out and transforms it into a high-performance shock-absorbing material.

Kraft paper also has anti-slipping properties and is used as an anti-slip layer to prevent loads from slipping on pallets. It ensures the stability of palletized products during internal conveying, storage, and transport of goods.

The newsprint sheets are great not only for safety goods, but also for the nice appearance of the packages. It has a nice smooth surface and gives an exceptional touch as a gift wrapping.

Masking paper is designed for surface protection and acts as a separation barrier, protecting against paint drop, over-spray, dirt, dust, etc. Can be used for any surface, including windows, trims, doors, etc.

Butcher and freezer paper is commonly used in the food industry as they are much stronger and more durable than foil or parchment paper. Good for packing, wrapping, and cooking meat, as well as gift wrapping, table clothing, and crafting.

Cheap void fill solution

Any commercial retail company set goals not only to sell their products, but also to deliver them to the client safely and soundly. In this sense, kraft material is an affordable void filling solution great for cushioning the goods in boxes or wrapping products for shipping and transportation.

Optimal sizes available for any project or need.

We present a wide range of sizes and types of paper on and at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store. You can buy paper packaging in the form of separate sheets to pack items of the same size or rolls of different dimensions for varied items.

For custom wrapping sizes for individual goods shapes, consider the paper tube packaging. What does this mean? It means a roll, for example of 180 feet (which we offer), wound on a core of 1-inch diameter can be used directly for wrapping goods of various shapes and sizes. Kindly choose the one that meets your needs. If something is not clear or you cannot find the necessary item, you can get a free personal consultation by clicking the icon.

Low cost of manufacture and recycle

Kraft paper packaging is made from natural, biodegradable substances, and therefore 100% environmentally-friendly. Low prices and ease of manufacturing and recycling make it a prime choice for sustainable brands. Even large retail chains are gradually switching to recyclable packing products, replacing plastic bags.

This environmentally-friendly material, in comparison with conventional plastic bags, does not require large production costs. The raw material from which kraft paper is made is recycled cellulose.

Cargo security is subject to strict regulations and is becoming an area of ​​growing importance for all companies and stakeholders. We provide all our customers with reliable packaging products at low prices, paired with our mission to offer superior customer-oriented service.

IDL Packaging has been present in the packaging market for a long time, and we know exactly what our client needs are. Our products meet the trends of the innovative development of the packaging industry.

To pick the IDeaL paper packaging for wrapping void filling or art project, you can simply compare the items by clicking the “Add to Compare” Icon. If something is not clear or you cannot find the necessary item, you can get a free personal consultation by clicking the 

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