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Newsprint Kraft Paper Sheets

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Sheet Length: 18"

Sheet Width: 24"

Weight: 3 lbs; 6 lbs; 12 lbs

Sheet Length: 36"

Sheet Width: 24"

Weight: 6 lbs; 12 lbs; 24 lbs

Newsprint kraft paper sheets

What is a newsprint paper and what does it have to do with you? For centuries, this type of material has been used in publishing, advertising, and other business ventures. It was usually used to create advertisements, brochures, business cards, or flyers.

What does the newsprint have in store for all those who use this material? It can be recycled much faster than tree pulp because there are mostly newspapers pulped together and fewer chemicals are involved in processing them.

This might not seem like such a big deal at first, but - did you know that trees take decades to grow back after they're cut down? Using newsprint paper in your business is not only an eco-friendly conscious choice but economically favorable as well.

100% recyclable and compostable material

The white newsprint paper for packing contains a lot of lignin, the substance that turns yellow if exposed to sunlight and oxygen. To prevent it from degrading, the newsprint paper sheets must be stored in an acid-free area that is shielded from direct UV light and far from any heat sources. Newspaper wrapping paper is 100% recyclable and compostable. The leftovers from the mills are returned to the soil as fertilizers and soil conditioners.

Though the newspaper business has faced a huge decline during this century, the newsprint packing paper is gaining popularity again in other industries. Due to its pleasing smooth surface, flexibility, white color, and relatively cheap cost, this material is widely used by artists, designers, retail businesses, moving companies, and others.

Modern ways to use:

Newspaper for packing is tear-resistant, opaque, dimensionally stable, flexible, and also thin. It is the perfect pick for your next project and this is the kind of material you want to always have at hand.

Here are some common usages of newsprint sheets:

  • For interleaving between product cases
  • To pack fragile items, perfect for wrapping odd shapes;
  • As fillers for boxes - less mess than with packing peanuts, taking less space than bubble plastic wrapping;
  • As liners for birds’ cages;
  • For children’s coloring, drawing, and craft projects;
  • As a medium for drawing or sketching for artists, designers, and architects;
  • For projects that need to be transferred on a large canvas.

As you can see, apart from printing purposes, this cost-effective material has so many use cases in any household. Our wide selection of these products is also presented at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store. Here you will find the best combination of prices and quality: relatively low cost of products but high reliability and free shipping.

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