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Stretch Wrap Dispenser

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Core size: 2" and 3"

Film Type: Hand grade stretch

Model Number: W-410

Film Type: Hand grade stretch

Core size: 3"

Model Number: W-600

Film Type: Hand grade stretch

Core size: 3"

Model Number: W-731

Film Width: Adjustable for up to 18"

Film Type: Hand grade stretch

Core size: up to 3" core

Stretch Wrap Dispensers

Have you ever hurt your hands by unwinding a stretch wrap roll or worn out your gloves by doing so? Have you ever wanted to facilitate the packing process? Plastic wrap is an enormously useful thing not only in any warehouse but in households as well. It protects the package from dust and moisture, prevents theft and loss, and keeps items bundled together. But everyday use of it has some difficulties.

Therefore, we are glad to present our dispensers to you. Lightweight, portable, and very easy to use. Whether you need to bundle for storing or shipping, they will expedite and simplify the process. These devices also provide proper tension during the application of the cling cellophane, securing the boxes on a pallet. Operators hold the instrument and walk around the pallet to cover it. Handles protect you from sharp core material reducing injuries, hand fatigue, and strain. Besides, our portable stretch wrap dispenser can be easily transported around a facility or in your vehicle.

Different Types for Different Needs

Generally speaking, a stretch wrap hand dispenser is used to manually apply stretch film to pallets, suitcases, boxes, or any other bundles. They come in two styles. The first one is with handholds, which just plug into the sides of a roll. The second is a portable device that has an axis and a holder for comfortable use. So, according to your needs, you can buy:

1. Mini Stretch Film Dispenser

Choose from two types:

a) Lightweight Handle. It is perfect for home use, moving, renovation, and wrapping small packages.

b) Heavy-Duty Handle. Its rubber handle cover and strong plastic construction make this handhold convenient to use in low-volume load establishments or small businesses. Besides, it can also be used with sealing and masking tape rolls with a 3" core diameter.

Both of them are compatible with 3” core and 3”- 5” width of the roll. Or, if you have a longer 18” cling wrap, you can buy two handles and place them on both ends of the roll. Both are reusable. They have a rotating mount that allows you to apply the wrap with one hand. This tiny tool is extremely useful when you move across the country, it is lightweight, unnoticeable, yet your suitcase or any other items can be secured when you need them to be.

2. Portable Hand Dispenser

We have 2 options for you:

a) Up to 18” with Magnets. Two powerful magnets allow attaching it to metal surfaces.

b) Up to 18” with a Bar Handle. Its ergonomic grip allows two-handed control when applying the film. A flat base enables placing and keeping the instrument on a floor or any flat surface.

Both these tools are compatible with 2" and 3" core and up to 18-inch cling film rolls. Both of them are made of durable material, are lightweight, and have tension control.

This type of stretch wrap dispenser is designed for larger loads than the previous one. Also, it is perfect for wrapping the pallets when only the maximum strength is needed.

For Business

If you are a rookie in business but you are planning to build out packaging and shipping lines, you eventually will need a dispensing device. If you already deal with online retail or sell on Amazon, you need a hand wrapper as well. If your business has a logistics department, then you undoubtedly need a stretch film dispenser to facilitate and speed up the whole process.

The question is what type of tool is the best in your case?

In general, all our manual instruments are for those shipping less than 50 pallets a day. Additionally, if you are using human labor for pallet wrapping, they will satisfy your needs as well. They are excellent for businesses that need packaging but do not ship many loads.

In general, for lower volume retail and greater control of a wrapping process, our mini roll handhold will be a better choice. And vice versa, for bigger loads and quick easy packaging choose a portable appliance.

Why Should You Buy It?

Certainly, stretch film can be applied with your hands. But to save your time and avoid burnout, these wrapping tools are a great idea to invest in. We do not doubt that you will love every stretch wrap dispenser tool we have currently. Use it once and you will see the difference. With the proper stretch application, your packaging will result in higher efficiencies and cheaper production.

Our dispenser stretch wrap collection is also presented at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store. Here you will find the best combination of sizes, prices, and quality: relatively low cost of products but high reliability.

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