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Masking Paper

Masking Cover Set 1 1/2"x60 yd Masking Painters Tape Roll with 12"x60 yd Masking Kraft Paper Roll and Masking Dispenser

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  • Set includes: hand masker tool, 12" x 60 yards generals purpose masking paper roll, 1 roll or 6 rolls of 1 1/2" x 60 yards white/blue painters masking tape
  • Hand masker tool with 14" blade included is a perfect helper for covering areas from any splatter
  • Ergonomic handle and overall design allows you to unroll masking paper and masking tape simultaneously to protect windows, floors and other areas 
  • Unlike other hand masker tools, TH-120 comes with 14" blade is included
  • For first-time users, we also offer a set that includes: hand masker, 1 1/2" GP masking tape and a 9" or 12" masking paper roll

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Tape Length 60 yards
Roll Length 60 yards
Roll Width 12"
Sheet Width 1 1/2"

IDL Packaging TH-120-12 masking set includes: TH-120 masker tool, 1 roll of general purpose 12"x 60 yards masking paper, and 1 roll or 6 rolls of white/blue painters 1 1/2" x 60 yards masking tape roll. TH-120 hand masker tool is a manual dispenser for a masking tape roll and a masking paper or film roll simultaneously.

Unlike other devices, TH-120 comes with 14" blade included! Hand masking device is a perfect solution to ease the struggle with masking and covering areas from any splatter during painting, renovations, construction and other jobs involving water-based and oil-based materials. Easy to assemble and operate the masking device! 

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